Draya Michele Shares How She's Feeling During Her Pregnancy

Draya Michele Shares How She’s Feeling After Recently Revealing Her Pregnancy

Draya Michele hasn’t said much online about her pregnancy since revealing it on International Women’s Day. But on Thursday (March 14), she took to her Instagram Story to share how she’s feeling lately in her latest spin around the parenthood block.

“I feel like I am at the bottom of a pile of heavy humans. Most hours of the day I feel like I am struggling to breathe.” 

See her post below.

How Social Media Has Reacted To Draya Michele’s Pregnancy

It’s unclear if Draya’s daily discomfort is due to symptoms of being seven months pregnant. Or perhaps her post is a reaction to the innanet dragging her for the 17-year age gap between her and her daughter’s rumored father, Jalen Green.

Folks online have launched all kinds of insults against the Mint Swim CEO since the pregnancy reveal. That includes accusations of grooming and predatory behavior toward the 22-year-old. According to Draya’s timeline, she was 38 and he was 21 when they conceived their child.

In January, weeks before dropping the bombshell news, Joe Budden dragged Draya for filth on his podcast during a tense confrontation with a female co-host.

“We’re not talking about [Jalen’s] choices as a 21-year-old whose brain is not fully developed. We’re talking about Draya, in her 40s, having a baby by the young man whose brain is not fully developed,” Joe Budden said.

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In TSR’s repost of Michele’s latest comment, there were mixed reactions to her sharing her struggles.

@vivkiirvin wrote, “She’s a human having a baby, no crime has been committed. Have all the opinions you want but the level of degradation is disturbing.”

@ryan.james said, “She shoulda pulled a Halle and just kept this pregnancy private cause she shoulda known what was coming…”

@colie2415 added, “She is not a victim…she needs to stop.” 

@coopdajuice seemingly agreed, writing, “Give that Hellcat some rest, your engine damn near blown.” 

@treatedroyal sympathized with the expectant momma, writing, “I hope she is ok…she is really being bullied by 90 percent of social media….she is still human and I’m sure very emotional due to her pregnancy at the end of the day! Don’t @ me either cause yaw like to tussle in the comments! And I don’t wanna hear what if he was my child nothin! SCRAM IN ADVANCE.” 

Meanwhile, @tia_becca suggested Draya’s post has nothing to do with the backlash. She commented, “She’s probably talking about the baby pressing up against her lungs and she literally feel like it’s hard to breathe… because that does happens during pregnancy…”

Meanwhile, Jalen Green hasn’t confirmed or denied he’s the daddy. However, his teammate seemingly confirmed on his behalf when he congratulated Draya Michele and Jalen on social media.

This week, social media spectators noticed that the pro-baller has also committed some permanent ink to Draya.

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