Draymond Green Expected To Return To Warriors' Facility

REPORT: Draymond Green Expected To Return To Warriors’ Facility Following His “Indefinite” Suspension

Following his suspension on December 13, Draymond Green is reportedly expected to return to the Golden State Warriors.

ESPN reports that they expect the athlete to return to the team’s practice facility “in the coming days.” His suspension hasn’t been lifted as of yet.

Draymond Green’s Return To The Warriors

The aforementioned publication claims that they are still having “ongoing” conversations about Green’s return. But things are steering in the right direction for the 33-year-old who is “getting closer” to getting back on the court.

Reports suggest that Green has been actively participating in virtual meetings with NBA officials and his team to “chart his progress” since his suspension last month, anticipating his comeback.

He’d also been receiving counseling, which was one of the requirements by the league when they first suspended him. The Athletic reported that Green “was prepared to undergo the required process” for his return.

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NBA commissioner Adam Silver will ultimately decide to lift Green’s suspension. Once he deems Green ready for his next game, he will have satisfied the league with its initial requirements.

Green received a suspension the day after he hit Jusuf Nurkic of the Phoenix Suns in the face during their game on December 12

At a press conference shortly after the match, the 33-year-old apologized and said that striking Jusuf was never his intent.

I’m not one to apologize for things I meant to do,” Green expressed.

“But I do apologize to Jusuf. Even though I didn’t intend to hit him, I sell calls with my arms. I don’t fall to sell a call. I’m not a flopper. I was just selling the call because he was grabbing and pulling my hip. So, I spun away. And, unfortunately, I hit him. So, I apologize to Jusuf because I didn’t intend to hit him.”

Draymond’s Indefinite Suspension Over His Repeated Offenses

The NBA didn’t think his response was enough not to keep him on the court. They issued him with an indefinite suspension, citing his “repeated history of unsportsmanlike acts.”

Not to mention it was just two weeks prior when Green had just returned from a suspension after grabbing Minnesota Timberwolves’ Rudy Gobert around the neck. The offense caused him to miss out on five games with the Warriors.

Since the suspension is still active, Green did not play with the Warriors against the Denver Nuggets on Thursday (January 4).

He has already missed a total of 10 games and is likely to miss at least two more this week. The Warriors will take on the Detroit Pistons on Friday (January 5), with another game against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday (January 7).

His earliest return date, according to Yahoo Sports, will be January 10, when his team faces off against the New Orleans Pelicans.

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