Draymond Green Stomps On Domantas Sabonis' Chest

Shady Steppin’? Social Media Reacts To Draymond Green Stomping On Domantas Sabonis’ Chest


Draymond Green/Domantas Sabonis

Monday night’s match-up between the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings resulted in Draymond Green getting ejected for stomping on another player’s chest.

As a result, Twitter is cutting UP and relishing the moment!


Draymond Green Stepped On Domantas Sabonis Before Hopping Into The Air

The situation unfolded during the fourth quarter of the game after Kings athlete Domantas Sabonis was knocked down to the ground.

Upon landing on his back, Sabonis flailed and grabbed Green’s legs, prompting the 33-year-old to retaliate by stomping on his chest.

We should also add that, in addition to the chest stomp, Green appears to have put his total weight on Sabonis before leaping off of him.

In turn, Sabonis writhed in pain on the ground for a moment while Green was outright ejected.


Draymond Green Was Unapologetic: 'I Gotta Land My Foot Somewhere'

While later addressing the matter, Green explained away his actions by saying, “My leg got grabbed. Second time in two nights.”

He continued by adding, “I gotta land my foot somewhere, and I’m not the most flexible person, so it’s not stretching that far…It is what it is.”

Green also noted that he “wasn’t surprised that [Sabonis] stayed down that long,” suggesting that he intentionally used some force when stomping on the athlete.


We should also note that, according to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, Sabonis subsequently underwent X-rays on his ribs and lungs.


Twitter Chimes In & Brings The Funnies

Naturally, the matter soon found its way to Twitter, where people came through with memes galore.


One reaction video used a clip showing Dru Hill hopping up and down during a performance.

Humorously, this prompted the R&B group to acknowledge the matter on Twitter, as Dru Hill tweeted, “Don’t drag us into this!”


It was also noted that, as Draymond has a history of getting physical with other athletes, he should maybe consider being in the WWE as opposed to the NBA.


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