Drew Barrymore Interview Halted As 'Stalker' Demands Attention

Drew Barrymore Interview Interrupted By Man Demanding To Speak To Her: ‘You Know Who I Am’

Drew Barrymore approached an unprecedented moment with positivity when a man interrupted her live interview on Monday (Aug. 21). Barrymore was reportedly in New York City at a 92NY panel speaking to singer Reneé Rapp.

Mid-conversation, Chad Micahel Busto–as he identified himself–shouted Drew’s full stage name. The actress responded with a surprised but enthusiastic, “Oh my god, yes, hi.”

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As the man approached the stage, Reneé Rapp gradually stood up and inched closer to Barrymore. Then, suddenly, the singer put her arm around Drew Barrymore and temporarily escorted her offstage.

Meanwhile, Busto –who TMZ describes as an “alleged stalker”— shouted, “You know who I am, I need to see you at some point while you’re in New York.” Despite his sudden outburst, security prevented Chad from getting near Barrymore. By the time he got to the stage, Rapp had already had the actress out of sight.

Drew Barrymore Thanks Reneé Rapp For Her Quick Reaction To Her Alleged “Stalker”

It’s unclear if Barrymore knows the man or plans to file a report. However, the interview seemingly continued without a hitch once security removed Chad. Event personnel apologized to the audience before the discussion resumed.

When Drew and Reneé returned to the stage, Rapp clarified that Barrymore appeared unphased and ready to resume immediately after the ordeal. Meanwhile, the actress praised the “Snow Angel” artist for quick reaction.

“I have a new definition of your sexiness, it’s that level of protectiveness. That went full bodyguard,” Drew said before hugging Rapp. “You are my Kevin Costner.”

Drew Barrymore’s encounter highlights another celebrity’s plight with a seemingly obsessive fan.

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean recently sought court-ordered protection against an alleged stalker. According to TMZ, the pair say the fan has been relentlessly showing up at their homes, concerts, and events.

Jhene wanted a temporary restraining order after the alleged stalker got inside her and Big Sean’s home earlier this month. However, a judge set a hearing for Sept. 14 instead.


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