'RHOA' Star Drew Sidora Explains Staying With Husband Ralph After He Texted Female Assistant Inappropriately -- "He’s Not Always Going To Be Perfect"

‘RHOA’ Star Drew Sidora Explains Staying With Husband Ralph After He Texted Female Assistant Inappropriately — “He’s Not Always Going To Be Perfect”

Drew Sidora confessed that she saw her husband, Ralph Pittman, chatting over text with an assistant who offered him a massage in the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Although the housewife, 37, did NOT appreciate how her husband welcomed his assistant to rub down his lower back, she explained choosing to work through it in a recent interview.

Drew Sidora Explains Staying After Husband Texted Assistant About Massage

The hopeful housewife, who initially took time away to process Ralph’s behavior, revealed to Page Six that Ralph requested she “stop playing” and come home after taking her kids to Chicago. Drew left because Ralph seemingly flirted with a former female assistant about rubbing away his back pain and gaslit the situation.

“I thought we were in a better place. Then, last summer, there were some things that happened. I went to Chicago with the kids for a while. And he ended up showing up in Chicago to say, ‘OK, I need my family back, stop playing.’”

The actress recalled being “on this journey” of “getting through this particular issue of this assistant” for quite some time. Drew’s husband, a business consultant, didn’t seem to soothe her concerns. She added that he made her “feel crazy” about the situation.

Can Marriage Counseling Save Them?

Despite the uneasy situation, Sidora is sure that marriage counseling is helping her and Pittman avoid the reality TV curse that so many “Real Housewives” couples have succumbed to over the years.

“We literally just stay in counseling because I always think I’m right and he always thinks he’s right,” she acknowledges. “We are pushing through, showing what a relationship can look like when you choose to stay together and be vulnerable and work through your various issues.”

Sidora and Pittman share a son Machai, 6, and a daughter Aniya, 4, and they raise son Josiah, 11, from a previous relationship together. The mother revealed she uses her mother and father’s 56-year marriage as a blueprint for her own.

“I grew up seeing marriage. I saw them fight; make up. Marriage is not perfect; relationships aren’t easy. But if we both make a commitment, then that’s what it is,” she says.

“It’s just the journey of trying to get through life and trauma and triggers. And you have to be patient on both ends because I’m not always perfect. He’s not always going to be perfect … [but] we both married to stay together forever.”

Sidora, who tied the knot with Pittman in 2014, promises that “RHOA’ fans will see a better side of her spouse onscreen.

“I feel like this season, people are going to see the layers of Ralph. Yes, he is what you guys see.”

Very interesting! Roomies, what do you think of Drew Sidora being strong in her marriage with Ralph after the texting situation?



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