Dubai Police Training To Ride Drone-Like 'Hoverbikes'

Dubai Police Training To Ride Drone-Like ‘Hoverbikes’

#Roommates, the Dubai police department isn’t playing when it comes to hooking their officers up with the latest whips! They have been training their officers to ride Hoversuf’s S3 2019 Hoverbike.

According to Mashable, it’s an “electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle capable of hovering above the ground and speeding forward.”

Two crews have began testing out the latest whip. It will potentially be used “to access hard to reach areas.” So far they only have one bike but plan having additional ones by 2020 so they can be ready for the field.

“The $150,000 Hoverbike is made of carbon fiber, but still weighs 253 pounds. It has four rotors for taking off vertically up to a recommended 16 feet off the ground, according to the company.”

“Hoversurf says the flying bike can cruise at a maximum 60 miles per hour. Flight time is not so long, though: only 10-25 minutes with a pilot. However, in drone mode without a pilot, the Hoverbike can fly for up to 40 minutes.”


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