DVSN Daniel Daley Woos Woman After Viral Dancing 'Hater' Text

DVSN’s Daniel Daley Helps Woman Clapback At Man’s ‘Hater’ Reaction To Her Dancing On Daley

DVSN’s Daniel Daley helped a fan execute the perfect clapback to someone she deemed a ‘hater.’ The woman, Lesley, attended DVSN’s ‘Working On My Karma’ tour show in New York City on Feb. 21.

While there, Daniel brought four women on stage, including Lesley, to dance to DVSN’s song Touch It. The 24-year-old gave Daniel a hands-on-the-knees slow grind that didn’t sit well with an unidentified man in Lesley’s life.

Following the concert, Lesley tweeted a screenshot of a text message and a photo of Daley watching her back that thang up!

“Guess u had a good time shaking ur a** on the dude who was performing,” the man texted Lesley.

Her caption said, “he a hater, YES I DID.” The tweet grew overnight, causing Lesley to clarify that she’s a “SINGLE woman” after online accusations of being a ‘disrespectful cheater’–among other not-so-nice labels. Her clarification–and viral tweet–caught the attention of Daley too.

Daniel quote-tweeted Lesley’s post using DVSN’s Twitter account. He wrote:

“I just read and her first comment says she’s single…homie was just getting mad over a girl that’s not HIS girl…I should take her out before I leave NY, she deserves better vibrations.”

DVSN Daniel Daley Takes Fans Out After Viral Tweet About Her Dancing On Him

And did! Lesley told The Shade Room she and Daley met up the following night (Feb. 22). She was invited to a private tattoo meet-and-greet at Acosta Park Studios in New York. While she was signing off on her tattoo, Daniel walked into the space with a large bouquet of flowers.

At the event, Daniel personally tatted the 24-year-old. She tweeted a photo of the moment, writing, “It’s only right to have my first tat done by my fave R&B artist.” 

Though Daniel’s invite knocked City Boys down by 1000, Lesley wasn’t the only fan at the private event. Other fans joined DSVN, along with celebs like Jermaine Durpri, for a night of fun and tattoos.

Still, as the saying goes, “a win is a win.” And in this case, given Lesley’s multiple posts about ‘loving’ Daniel, it seems like she won this round. No word yet on how her text troll felt about the Feb. 22 outing!


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