Eboni K. Williams Pushes Women To 'Seek Marriage' In College

Eboni K. Williams Encourages Black Women To Prioritize Marriage While Simultaneously Earning Degrees

Eboni K. Williams is encouraging Black women to not keep their partnership goals on the back burner in favor of professional and academic pursuits, as delaying partnership “comes with its own consequences.”

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Eboni Speaks On “The Reality That Needs To Be Said”

On Wednesday (Sept. 27), theGrio shared a clip from a new installment of theGrio with Eboni K. Williams that showcased the Real Housewives of New York City alum discussing the subject of pursuing partnership as a young, educated professional.

She said that, despite one’s accomplishments, the “marriage and partnership market value” for Black women is still “depreciating with every passing year.” As a result, Eboni K. Williams let it be known that she “want[s] younger Black women to seek marriage and partnership in college or right after if that’s what they choose.”

“The reality that needs to be said out loud is that as Black men age, their desirability increases. Thus, their optionality of women is always expanding. And the exact opposite is true for Black women.”

The attorney, who has never been married, added, “I suggest that you simultaneously pursue that ‘MRS’ degree right along with that B.A. or J.D.”

Toward the end of the clip, Eboni noted that her ultimate intention was to let Black women know about the “consequences” of not giving relationships the same priority as one’s professional pursuits.

“By the time you reach my age, 40, you will be faced with different choices regarding life partnership and motherhood. Now, I’m not saying that delaying marriage or motherhood is a bad option, but it’s one that comes with its own consequences.”

She added, “Our women deserve to know on the front end of their decision-making instead of on the back half.”

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Social Media Reacts To Eboni’s Advice

As one would imagine, Eboni’s commentary ruffled some feathers. The Roomies chimed in beneath The Shade Room‘s upload to make their stances loud and clear.

Pushing back against Williams’ advice, @fashionforever84 stated, “Normalize not listening to people and trusting yourself and the good Lord.”

Similarly, @ronnebrown declared, “Gods timing is best! Don’t let anyone rush you into anything out of fear.”

On the other hand, @rico_hundo responded by penning, “It’s about time some truth is publicized.”

As for @marty_sandiego, she provided a lengthy list detailing some of “the consequences of marrying young,” noting that it’s often “forced.”

“Most of the time it’s forced , you’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do in your head or someone made you feel like marriage and kids was the only step after college. But you haven’t fully developed as a person and don’t know what you truly want, and when you figure it out, you’re crucified for it.”

Another Roomie going by @acemetaphor wrote, “Well… there’s a lot to unpack here. LOTS. Bottom line: Do whatever makes you HAPPY and NEVER date from a scarcity mindset… that’s how you settle.”

Underneath theGrio’s initial upload, @tyalexander called the conversation “extremely archaic.”

“Can we also stop putting all these responsibilities on women? It’s an extremely archaic topic. Fix the pool of men. And it’s start with how we raise our young boys.”

Another user going by @mademoiselle_73 implored viewers to not feel “pressured” by society’s pressures.

“As a Black woman who has been married and holds two degrees. Don’t be pressured into what society thinks you should do. Do what you want to do.”

As for @lifewithden, she declared, “These scare tactics & propaganda being pushed ain’t flying here. Sorry.”

Eboni K. Williams Previously Faced Heat Over Commentary On Dating A Bus Driver

Of course, this is far from the only time Ms. Eboni K. Williams landed herself in hot later this year.

As The Shade Room reported, a conversation between Iyanla Vanzant and Eboni K. Williams prompted the women to acknowledge whether they’d “date a bus driver.” While Iyanla said she would if the driver in question were “a man of integrity,” Eboni said she’d only consider it if he “own[ed] the bus.”

Upon catching some backlash, she later doubled down and proclaimed, “Average is not and will never be good enough for me.”

While this answer didn’t quell the backlash, Eboni later defended her sentiment by saying, “Somebody has to start telling the truth.”

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