Eboni K. Williams Reacts To Backlash Over Bus Driver Comment

Eboni K. Williams Doubles Down On Refusing To Date A Bus Driver: ‘Average Will Never Be Good Enough’


Eboni K. Williams Doubles Down On Refusing To Date A Bus Driver: 'Average Will Never Be Good Enough'

Commentator and former The Real Housewives of New York City star Eboni K. Williams is speaking out about a recent statement that didn’t sit well with some.

The 39-year-old North Carolina native specifically told Iyanla Vanzant that she wouldn’t date a regular ol’ bus driver unless he was a business owner.

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As a result, this sparked an internet conversation centered around whether or not Eboni was putting down the profession, prompting her to chime in.


What Did Eboni Say In The First Place?

The situation began when Eboni interviewed Iyanla on TheGrio about topics focusing on ‘Modern Women & Femininity.’

During the sit-down, Eboni asked for advice from the single women who “feel that the men that are available” are “not positioned to protect nor provide.”

She mentioned that these men are “not earning” or “showing up in the leadership” enough for many independent women’s liking.

After Eboni finished her spiel, Iyanla chimed in with a simple question: “Would you date a bus driver?”

After Eboni responded that she would only do so if he “owns the bus,” Iyanla acknowledged her stance.

“I would date a bus driver if he loved driving the bus, if he was a man of integrity, if he was good to his mama, if he treated me well. I would date a bus driver.”

Vanzant added, “We think that it’s another human being’s responsibility to give us what we need instead of us building together. I can build with a bus driver.”

However, she noted, “I’d have my little stash on the side in my prenup, but I can build with a bus driver.”


The Bus Driver Comments Ignited Conversation

After these comments picked up traction, some users began to side-eye Eboni. However, others sided with Williams, leading to all-out discourse on the matter.

Check out what some people had to say down below.


Marc Lamont Hill Chimes In

Marc Lamont Hill, Eboni’s “friend and colleague,” shared his thoughts after the discourse continued picking up steam.

He started by proclaiming, “There is dignity in all labor.”

“We shouldn’t be defining people by their labor. But there is dignity in all labor. Whether you drive a bus, whether you own the bus…It doesn’t matter. You’re a human being with character, personality, ideas, and interests. And that should be the primary thing that we ask when we’re looking for relationships.”

However, he shared that he understands Eboni’s point of view.

“At the same time, I feel you, Eboni. I understand completely why Eboni feels that way because Black women are the only demographic of people in this country who are systematically expected to date below their education and their income.”

He added, “Y’all think that Black women have a lower bar.”

Hill then wrapped by calling out some of the Black men who were upset at Eboni’s commentary, noting that some of them “don’t even date Black women” after becoming successful. Oop!


Eboni K. Williams Sets The Record Straight, But Critics Aren't Pleased

Following backlash over the matter, Eboni elaborated on her stance.

She shared that, instead of putting down bus drivers, she’s “actually speaking and pouring into the ascension of Black men.”

“I am actually speaking and pouring into the ascension of Black men when I said what I said. But no, some of y’all were too busy naming and shaming me personally, and Black women in general, as undesirable golddiggers.”

Williams then said that she suspects the people angry at her were likely “coddled” as children after exhibiting “mediocrity.”

However, when it comes to her, Eboni says she “love[s] and believe[s] in the excellence of Black men.” As a result, she won’t allow those she loves to “fall comfortably into the bigotry of low expectations.”

Eboni also shared that her mother used to be a bus driver herself.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with driving a bus. My mother, Gloria, drove one for years. But could it be that Black America has been sold a narrative of average, regular, and typical being good enough for us?”

She then linked the conversation to “white supremacy,” noting that “it takes the form of conditioning Black Americans to happily accept being a permanent American underclass.”

Eboni’s message wrapped with her proclaiming, “Average is not and will never be good enough for me. And the gag is, I don’t think it’s good enough for you, either.”

However, this statement did little to quell online backlash, and some said she made it “even worse.”


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