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Eddie Murphy Does Stand Up For The First Time In 28 Years, Does Bill Cosby Impersonation  

Eddie Murphy received the Mark Twain Prize For American humor yesterday and while it was his big day, he still blessed us with a quick stand-up joke. His target? Bill Cosby…and the joke was tasteful! 
Upon receiving his trophy, Eddie pondered on who else has earned the prestigious award. “Bill has one of these,” he teased. Then he asked, “Did you all make Bill give his back?” Then the crowd immediately erupted with laughter! Honey, that face scrunched up and Eddie went straight into his world famous impression of Cosby just as he did 28 years ago on SNL! 

“I would like to talk to some of the people who feel like I should give back some of my fucking trophies!” he mimicked, just drenched in Cosby tease. I have to admit, I cracked up!
Here is the joke: 

Arsenio Hall spoke to the Washington Post about the conversation leading up to his buddy deciding whether it was a good idea to poke fun at Cosby. “[Eddie] said, ‘Because Cosby gonna get sick of this soon, he’s gonna get sick of people hating, and eventually he’s gonna have to say something,’” Hall said Sunday night. “And we were like, ‘That is funny, man. Are you willing?’”
It turns out he was willing and luckily for us fans, Eddie gave a great, although very brief, show! It had to feel great to get such a warm reception after so much time away from stand-up! 
Congratulations on your award, Eddie! You deserve it!

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