#Roommates, get into this story! A senior living facility caught on fire a few days ago, leaving over 100 residents scrambling to find a new home. What’s crazy about this story in particular is that an elderly man was found alive and sitting on his couch FIVE days after the fire.

According to @USAToday, Mayor Muriel Bowser said that all residents were accounted for but clearly sis forgot about 74-year-old Raymond Holton. You would think he would be upset about being left in a burning building but surprisingly he was happy and cracking jokes, telling crew members that he “wasn’t going any place.”

Officials helped Raymond into a kitchen chair and then took him outside where he was then taken to the hospital to get checked.

This shocking news prompted officials to re-verify that all the residents are truly accounted for.

“[A search] where they bang on doors, check apartments etc. was done in the complex last week, however, [they] cannot say specifically what happened to this particular unit,” Bowser said.

Apparently during the search Raymond’s name wasn’t present on one of the lists provided by Edgewood Management Company.

The fire chief said that a secondary search wasn’t possible at that time because of debris falling.

“There is a chance that an apartment or two may have been missed as this was going on,” the chief elaborated. “Discipline is not the issue here, it’s really looking a what else we need to do to accomplish what we need to accomplish.”

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