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Eliza Reign Hits Future With Defamation Lawsuit—Also Alleges He Refuses To Pay Child Support Despite Recent Positive DNA Test

#Roommates, if you thought the drama between Future and Eliza Reign was over now that he is confirmed to be the father of her daughter…you were wrong! Eliza has just filed a new lawsuit against Future accusing him of defamation and revealing that despite the recent DNA test, he refuses to pay child support or see his daughter.

@Blast reports, Eliza Reign is officially countersuing Future in federal court in newly filed documents, in which she says she has no “privacy agreement” with Future and is allowed to speak freely about him publicly in regards to his lack of parenting. Additionally, Eliza says despite the DNA test proving Future is the father, he refuses to see their 1-year-old daughter, Reign, or pay any form of child support. She further alleges that Future continues to make false allegations about her mental health, sexual misconduct, being a criminal and claims she harassed him—which is why she’s suing him for defamation.

In the official court documents of the case, Eliza wrote the following about her messy situation with Future:

“For over a year, the Plaintiff herein has refused to acknowledge his paternity of the parties’ minor child, has never paid a penny in support for the minor child, and in fact is never even met the minor child. Moreover, the Plaintiff has violated numerous orders of the court in the underlying paternity case pertaining to both DNA testing and discovery, and continues to stall and delay those matters, and use his other related proceedings (the preceding herein and his similarly frivolous domestic violence proceedings) to attempt to exert pressure upon the Defendant to dismiss or unfavorably resolve the paternity matter.”

She also explained Future’s allegations that she purposely adopted his last name for clout. Eliza stated:

“This allegation that Ms. Seraphin “stole my last name” refers to Mr. Wilburn’s misguided idea that Ms. Seraphin was somehow able to unilaterally impregnated herself with Mr. Wilburn’s DNA (rather than because of the 2 years of unprotected sex the parties had previously engaged in), and that by giving the child who was subsequently conceived as a result of these sexual relations Mr. Wilburn’s last name, that Ms. Seraphin thereby “stole” Mr. Wilburn’s last name.”

Eliza is suing Future for unspecified damages.


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