TSR Exclusive: Erica Dixon Has A New Man - Only Problem Is, He's 23 With Another Girlfriend!

TSR Exclusive: Erica Dixon Has A New Man – Only Problem Is, He’s 23 With Another Girlfriend!

Duke Williams

Yes boo, Erica Dixon of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is over Scrappy as far as we can tell. She seems to be boo’d up with Buffalo Bills Safety Duke Williams. How do we know? Because Erica was spotted at his house (picture evidence) , she’s been at his games, they’ve gone out on dates, and he’s already shouting her out on Instagram! But hold up, Duke Williams is only 23 years old! Erica is always a dollar short when choosing her men! She’s too fine to be dating a 23 year old athlete. You don’t have to be an old crow to know how the game goes! But hold up, the worst part is that her new man HAS a girlfriend already named Nazia who is a model from Toronto!

See pics below:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.06.42 AM

That’s Nazia wearing his Jersey #27!



Then Nazia posted him as her #MCM 4 weeks ago. she clearly states he’s her man in the caption!                           dukewilliams5

Now you have Erica posting pictures of duke’s car on Instagram.dukewilliams


This is Duke Williams defending his girlfriend Nazia on her page!dukewilliams2


But he’s shouting Erica’s business out with his ol’ lying self!dukewilliams1


Then you see pictures of Erica at his games, and pics of them on dates! Not to mention, Erica posted a video of herself in front of his home (Above).

Erica is 30 years old, 7 years his senior! Girl, stop playing with us! He’s a step up money wise…but the way he’s playing her she might as well stick with Scrappy!




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