Arionne Curry Calls Sheree 'Old', Puts 'Narcissist' Martell Holt On Blast

Ex-Mistress Arionne Curry Calls Shereé ‘Old,’ Puts ‘Narcissist’ Martell Holt On Blast

The mother of Martell Holt’s youngest baby and this former mistress Arionne Curry is clapping at Shereé Whitfield and her allegedly “narcissistic” new man.

On Sunday Curry, a 31-year-old Alabama boutique owner, exposed alleged emails between herself and Martell on social media in frustration, calling him a liar. Arionne and Martell began their relationship around six years ago, while the 41-year-old “Love and Marriage Huntsville” reality star was married. They now share a toddler-aged son together, although they’ve never claimed to be in a serious relationship publicly.

According to Arionne, however, it was Martell who was trying to keep her a secret.

According to Arionne in an Instagram story rant, Martell has still been keeping his relationship with her under wraps for two years until recently while publicly flaunting Sheree Whitfield as his new woman.

Not changing my son name to Maverick! Stop calling him that his name is Knox. He’s wayyyyy different from the others hence why you told me you don’t want him every other week like you get your others!

Arionne then shared a message to women, warning them to never sleep with married men in conclusion.

Ladies never have a baby by a married man, let me be your example! Someone had to be it. I own my sh*t now what!



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