Makeup Artist’s Client Steals Hundreds From Purse During Session

EXCLUSIVE: A Miami Makeup Artist’s Client Steals Hundreds From Her Purse… During A Session! | TSR Investigates

Miami makeup artist Ayesha Munroe claims that hundreds of dollars was stolen from her purse by a client during a session, and it was all caught on camera!

Munroe spoke to The Shade Room and revealed that when she rolled the cameras back not only did she discover how the money went missing, but that it was a calculated plan by her Chicago-based client, a woman named Alexia Spears also known as “PrettyLo,” and the friend she brought with her to the session.

“PrettyLo” also spoke to TSR regarding the allegations and denied her involvement in the heist.

Surveillance Camera Catches Client Known Online As “PrettyLo” Stealing Her Makeup Artists Purse

However, she shockingly admitted that her friend took the money and does not know if she plans to give it back.

Munroe has since filed a police report and does not intend to let this theft go unanswered.

Could this have been a case of one person acting alone? Or was it a well thought out plan to steal from the very beginning?

The Shade Room investigates…

The situation began after “PrettyLo” sent Munroe a friend request on social media. On November 4, “PrettyLo” shows up to the appointment with a friend donning red hair.

Everything seemed normal, they talked and laughed. Munroe says that she went to show “PrettyLo” where the bathroom was once the session was over, and her friend stayed behind.

“I’m watching them pack up their stuff, but she kinda blocked it, like where the (entrance) was, she took the money and then they left” Munroe tells TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter.

Money Stolen Within Seconds As Makeup Artist Cleaned Up Workspace, CCTV Video Shows

She said it happened in seconds as she was cleaning up her workspace. Surveillance video shows as “PrettyLo” standing by the door as her friend fiddles around with her bag, before placing it on a coach right next to Munroe’s purse.

The friend can then be seen grabbing money out of her purse and placing it in her own bag.

“For the friend that didn’t get her her makeup done, she asked me like ‘do you have any availabilities later on? I actually want to get my makeup done.’ I told her ‘yeah, I’m here all day.’ Mind you this is after she took the money,” Munroe said.

Munroe says she wasn’t even aware her money had been stolen until shopping at a store later that day to by snacks.

She says she then messaged “PrettyLo” right away.

Makeup Artist Confronts Client Over Stolen Money, Client Tries To Play It Off, Deflect Blame

“I told her ‘Hey, your friend stole money out of my purse, can you please return it before I have to get the police involved?”

Munroe goes on to say that “PrettyLo” told her it didn’t look like her friend stole money, but rather it appeared she stole lipgloss from her purse.

She added that she remained nice with the two, as she wasn’t totally sure if “PrettyLo” was a part of the scheme or not.

Pictured: Client’s friend stealing makeup artist Ayesha Munroe’s money

But after reviewing the CCTV video again, she spotted “PrettyLo” standing by the door, as if she was running interference for her friend.

When she didn’t receive her money back, Munroe posted the video onto her professional social media pages, and that’s how she learned “PrettyLo’s” real name – Alexia Spears.

“PrettyLo” Posts Video On Social Media Essentially Admitting To The Crime, Blames Munroe For Leaving Purse Out

Then, she found “PrettyLo’s” social media accounts, where she saw a video where Spears essentially admitted to the crime, blaming Munroe for leaving her purse out for the money to be stolen.

“Oh well, suck it up, you’re a makeup artist. You’ll get it again if you got it,” PrettyLo said in the video.

Munroe told The Shade Room that after viewing the video, she felt like there was nothing more she could do: “they were already laughing in my face (about it).”

The Shade Room reached out to “PrettyLo,” who said she had nothing to do with the stolen money.

Pictured: Ayesha Munroe, makeup artist

“She made it seem like I was the one who took it, but I clearly in the video and I’m not taking the money or anything,” she said.

Client Says She Will Return The Money, But Stops Short Of Apologizing

She did say that her friend eventually admitted to her that she stole the money, and added that she will return the money to her because “she’s not that type of person.”

She stopped short of apologizing, however. Meanwhile, Munroe says she’s leaning on her faith and knows she will recover the funds, and that “what goes around, comes around.”

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