Akbar V Says Bad Decisions Are Coming Back To 'Haunt' Her

(Exclusive) Akbar V Says Past Decisions Are Coming Back To ‘Haunt’ Her In Custody Battle For Special Needs Son

Rapper Akbar V stepped into The Shade Room as a guest on the premiere episode of #TSRLiveOnAmp Monday and was candid about the custody struggle regarding her special needs son.


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The rapper made the revelation after host China Lovelace questioned the rapper about her desire to return to reality television.

What did you learn during your time — your different seasons on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and will you ever go back to doing reality tv in the future?

Akbar V shared that she would return to reality television if she was able to secure an executive producer role.

If I would go back to doing reality tv, I would have to be somewhat in it, like [as] one of the producers to make a lot of decisions with it.


Big Momma House

The Atlanta-bred rapper went on to share that she’s currently preparing to film a vlog-style series on her YouTube channel, featuring her children.


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I’m currently about to start filming “Big Momma House” with just me and my kids — It’s going to be on my Youtube: Akbar V, so you guys subscribe to that…

She reiterated that the show is going to star just her and her kids, adding that one of her children is currently not in her custody.

It’s only one son that I don’t have. And I just went to court today to try to um — he deals with a lot so I went to court today to try to gain back custody of him. And I feel like everything works good for those that love God, and I guess God wasn’t ready for him to come back cause he’s got a lot of special needs and he’s been with his grandma since he was a kid.

Akbar went on to reveal that her special needs son is now 12 years old.

It really brought tears to my eyes cause I felt like his grandma just played him against me and — it’s just a lot. But you know, a lot of decisions I made in my past, I feel like, is coming to haunt me now and I have to understand that sometimes the past comes back and I just have to face it.

As BOSSIP previously reported, Akbar stunned many fans back in 2019 when she revealed that she has five children. But didn’t have custody of any. According to the outlet, the children were all living with relatives.

Roommates, will you be tuning into Akbar’s upcoming series with her kids?


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