OhBoyPrince Speaks Out After Accident Involving An 18-Wheeler

(Exclusive) ‘Stanky Leg’ Artist OhBoyPrince Speaks Out After Tragic Accident Involving An 18-Wheeler

Matthew Griffith, widely known as OhBoyPrince from the group GS Boyz, who gave us the hit ‘Stanky Leg’, was recently involved in an accident where a brake pad from an 18-Wheeler hit him in the face on a highway in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

OhBoyPrince Speaks Out For The First Time Following This Tragic Accident

In an exclusive interview with The Shade Room Teens, OhBoyPrince says on Friday, January 6, 2023, he was in the car on Interstate 30 with his girlfriend, Unique Musick, just 30 minutes after dropping off his son, headed to an interview when the incident took place.

He goes on to say that he was in the far left lane, driving, when the brake pad from an 18-wheeler, flew off, hit his car, the windshield, their dashboard then hit his face before flying in the backseat into their son’s car seat.

I just passed out. She kept telling me to get off the gas and hit the brake.


Prince says that his girlfriend had to take control of the wheel to avoid crashing. Once he came to and realized what was happening, he immediately hit the brake while she called for the police and an ambulance.

I was at a loss for words.. I guess I was numb.



Unique says during the accident she was in shock. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

All I could think about is my son being without his parents, so my main focus was getting us to safety as quickly as possible and getting Prince help.


Prince says the ambulance took him to Methodist Dallas Medical Center where he spent five days in the hospital. The day after he was taken to the hospital, they performed three surgeries on his face and mouth.

The impact fractured the bones in my face and right eye socket, so they had to put plates in my face, and screws and wires in my jaw.

He also mentions that they wanted to make sure during his reconstruction surgery that he didn’t have any blindness or damage.

Social Media Reacts To The News of OhBoyPrince & Unique Musick’s Accident

Following the incident, Unique posted to Facebook informing their friends, family and fans that she and Prince were involved in an accident.

Y’all pray for Prince. We were in a Crazy accident. I’m still in shock. He’s going into surgery in the morning. My heart is crushed.


Over hundreds of comments flooded in with prayers and concern for the couple.

Once everyone was notified via social media, the influencer group that Unique is a part of and Prince founded, C4S, began to post on their social channels with prayers.

Unique continued to update folks on her Facebook page on Prince’s progress, and even included a link to GoFundMe that raised almost $1,500.


About four days following the accident, Unique made a post addressing rumors that the situation was fake and for clout.

Breaks my heart to see how ppl thought this tragic situation was fake. Everything is not for clout. This is real life…


About a week later, a post was uploaded to Prince’s instagram that said that C4S would take over his page while he recovered.


OhBoyPrince Pleads For More Safety Precautions For 18-Wheelers

During his interview, Prince had a lot to say when it came to how the investigation was going. He was concerned about the safety precautions on the highway and for 18-wheelers.

He even said that his attorneys informed him that because a wall is blocking the camera view of the accident, they are having trouble figuring out which 18-wheeler caused it.

I want justice. No one has been charged in this incident or being held responsible.

He also went on to say that he would like more safety precautions on the highway, and possibly more cameras, so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Unique voiced the same concerns.

I feel like 18-wheelers need to make sure they’re getting the vehicle checked before hitting the road. We could have died.

This story is still developing, Roommates. Please check back for updates. We ask that you continue to keep this couple in your thoughts and prayers.


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