Roommates, the internet had a few questions after NBA player for the Orlando Magic, Aaron Gordon released a diss track against Dwyane Wade. If you remember, back in February during All-Star weekend Aaron Gordon competed for the Slam Dunk title for the 3rd time. Leading up to the main event, Aaron had become a crowd favorite and he was sure that this year wold be HIS year. He even created a whole short film about how bad he wanted to win, see below:


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The Recap – A short film by @aaronvchap #comingsoon

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Now, what transpired during the dunk contest sparked a HUGE debate online after Dwyane Wade (amongst others) gave Aaron a less than perfect score after he jumped over Tacko Fall, the tallest man in the building at the time. Aaron, like most of social media was SHOOK! SO shook, that 2 months later he released a diss tracked aimed at Dwyane Wade for what he felt was a lapse in judgment! Listen to a snippet of the song below;

We caught up with Aaron to ask a few questions and he spilled a little tea about why he did it. We asked him, what was the reason behind putting  out the record? To which he responded: “The reason I dropped it is cause I have time. But it’s an honest, creative expression of perspective.” He added: “People have been asking to hear so I put it out.”

We also asked if he was willing to judge the contest, as he’s said he’d never be in the actual dunk contest again. He said: “Yes I’d love to judge the dunk contest. I’d be with the movement.”

When asked about his diss track “9 out of 10” he said he wrote the song in 1 day, recorded it the next and shot the video right afterwards.

We ended the quick interview, asking if D.Wade responded would he be back in the studio. He said: “Lol, it ain’t that deep! I’mma be in the studio though!”

So now the question remains, are y’all here for this NBA beef?