Exclusive Details: NeNe Leaks Says She's Disappointed That She's Being Used To Help With Sheree's Story Line With Her Prison Bae

Exclusive Details: NeNe Leaks Says She’s Disappointed That She’s Being Used To Help With Sheree’s Story Line With Her Prison Bae

On the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Sheree was talking to her prison bae Tyrone Gilliams and she told him about all the con artist comments Nene made about him. Tyrone didn’t like his name being dragged in the mud and said that “married Nene” might not wanna go down that road with him, making it seem like he has some tea on Mrs. Leakes.

“She was just running her mouth about me? How long has NeNe been married?” said Tyrone. “Is she married?! NeNe should never want to speak anything negatively about me, she don’t wanna go down that road.”

In a #RHOA After Show video posted on Bravo’s website on Sunday night, NeNe spilled some tea that she went out to dinner with Tyrone but maintained that there was no attraction whatsoever. Nene said she met Tyrone while she was going through her divorce from her now-again husband Gregg and claims Tyrone is the one who pursued her.

“I was going through a divorce at that time and we were staying at the same hotel and he was with another girl. Of course they were super thirsty and came over and, you know, ‘Hi, want to meet you. Want to take you out to dinner.’ We went out to dinner in a group setting and then, later on, called me on his own and wanted to go out to dinner and, uh, well you know…”

When asked if it was a date, Nene said, “Well I am NeNe Leakes honey. I give free dinners now and then.”

We had a chance to speak to NeNe and she’s honestly disappointed that she’s being used as Sheree’s storyline.

“It’s very disappointing that I’m being used to help with her story line this season. I knew him VERY briefly and no sexual contact took place. No kiss, no holding hands, no hugging, NOTHING! Dinner? drinks.”

She continued, “He loves RHOA! He’s super fan! I’ve never offered myself to any man and if I had, trust me he would have taken it.”

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