Exclusive Details: Parker Told Police Chris Repeatedly Strangled Her, Punched Her During Attack

Exclusive Details: Parker Told Police Chris Repeatedly Strangled Her, Punched Her During Attack

New details about the alleged assault against actress and model #ParkerMckenna that led to the arrest of #YouTube star #ChrisSails have been brought to light.

According to the Summary of Facts written by the investigating detective with the #HoustonPoliceDepartment’s Major Assaults and Family Violence Division handling the case, Parker told police she was repeatedly punched in the face and strangled during the alleged attack and that she defended herself, “thinking she was going to die.”

The alleged assault occurred on September 10th at an apartment in #Houston. Parker told police that on the day of the attack, Chris had saw a DM on her phone from another man and became enraged. The DM sparked an argument, during which, Chris allegedly began repeatedly slapping her face with an open hand, and punched her in her left arm and torso area, causing her bodily injury.

Parker was allegedly knocked to the floor during the beating, causing “golf ball-sized” bruises to her arm. She was also left with a swollen face, according to police.

Parker told police that Chris had been violent with her before and became defensive, “thinking she was going to die.” The argument moved outside of the apartment where Chris allegedly punched Parker in the face, giving her a black eye. She also told police Chris placed his hands around her neck began to strangle her while repeatedly slamming the back of her head against the concrete outside.

In order to defend herself, Parker told police she went back into Chris’ apartment and began tossing bottles at him, but they missed Chris. This apparently enraged Chris and he allegedly punched her and strangled her again while in the home.

Police found that Parker suffered abrasion consistent with being strangled around her neck, a black eye, a swollen face and multiple dark bruises and abrasions on her body. Due to the beating, she requested an order of emergency protection.

With the physical evidence of the attack, police felt they had probable cause to arrest Chris on suspicion of assault on a “family member” and impeding the breathing of the victim.

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