(Exclusive) DreamDoll Shares Her Relationship Status & Says She Moves 'Like The President' When It Comes To Dating: 'I Don't Want To Be Attached To Nobody' DreamDoll Talks Relationships On 'Keep It 100!'

(Exclusive) DreamDoll Shares Her Relationship Status & Says She Moves ‘Like The President’ When It Comes To Dating: ‘I Don’t Want To Be Attached To Nobody’

Bronx-bred rapper DreamDoll is the latest celebrity to step into TSR Studio’s original series “Keep It 100!” In this episode, the “Ice Cream Dream” rapper is posed with the challenge of putting together a “fire fit” for under $100.

If Dream can’t stick to her $100 budget, she’ll have to answer some spicy questions from TSR host Thembi. Like, what’s her current relationship status? And which ex would she never want to date again?

Dream Hasn’t Been On A Blind Date But Isn’t Opposed

The 30-year-old says she hasn’t been on a blind date yet. But if she was to embark on one, her date “better not be weird.”

He better not be weird. Like weird is definitely for sale this year — like don’t be weird, don’t be trying to do Instagram s**t. Like, put your phone in your back pocket and never touch it until you get back to your car.

Dream is also a sucker for a nice smile but says she’ll work with the right man.

I’m looking at your smile… I mean, I could always take you to the right doctor — Like, I’m with adjustments. I can adjust my man — Build-A-Man — I’m not mad at that. Just make sure you eat a breath mint.

And please smell good, she says.

Dream Likes To Keep Her Relationships Private

The “Misunderstood” rapper says she likes to “move like the President” when she’s dating.

I don’t want to be attached to nobody. I’ve been there, done that… I like a really private life. Even if we go in a restaurant, there’s probably a third person there. Or if we go on a date, there’s probably a third person there — you might be the homie, you might be my friend, or whatever.

Because of this, we may never get to meet the mystery man who Dream says she’s currently in a “situationship” with.

And as for the ex that she doubled back on, well, you’ll have to watch the full episode to hear more!


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