Host Says WGCI Axed DaniLeigh Interview, Singer Says It's Untrue

EXCLUSIVE: Kendra G. Says WGCI Axed DaniLeigh Radio Interview After Singer’s Team Wanted Her Sidelined, Dani Says It’s Not True

Kendra G. took it to the airwaves when she had words for DaniLeigh early Monday morning. The radio host slammed the singer on 107.5 WGCI FM with accusations of trying to remove her from a scheduled radio interview.

“This goofy a** person of the day award goes to DaniLeigh and let me tell you why,” Kendra G. said. “DaniLeigh is in the city of Chicago. I don’t know why, probably got a high school appearance, who the hell knows? But she was set to do an interview with the morning show and she requested that I, Kendra G., be removed from the interview because she was uncomfortable talking to me.”

Kendra shared a two-minute clip littered with “baby mama” insults and hypothetical questions about DaniLeigh’s relationship with DaBaby to her Instagram account. She even tagged Dani in the caption to ensure the singer saw her blast.


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She also let DaniLeigh know, “girlfriend, this ain’t Wild’ n Out. You ain’t gon B.Simone me.” The B. Simone reference concerns last week’s reports that DaniLeigh requested the comedian be left out of an episode she guest-starred on.

Instead of DaniLeigh team getting their request met, the radio host exclusively told The Shade Room her station’s program manager canceled the sit-down altogether. The manager also told Kendra that Dani’s “team/ record label wanted [her] to be removed from the interview because [DaniLeigh] was uncomfortable interviewing with [her].”

“I actually be on the radio defending your honor, I really felt a way when your baby daddy played you in that infamous IG Live and I defended you on the radio,” Kendra said.”

Kendra added that she understood Dani’s B. Simone request. But the host can’t imagine why Dani’s ducking her. Kendra told TSR that she previously interviewed DaniLeigh on Instagram Live in 2020 and asked about Dani’s rumored relationship with DaBaby. However, she claims the question was a small and insignificant part of the virtual sit-down.

DaniLeigh Calls Kendra’s Accusations Untrue, Host Doubles-Down 

Despite Kendra’s drag, the accusations weren’t landing for DaniLeigh. The singer took to her Instagram Story to deny the host’s claims.

“Ok this isn’t true,” Dani wrote with multiple crying emojis. “Wassuppppp y’all??? Whaaats going on [forehead slap emojis] I’ve never heard anything about this interview.”

Moments after DaniLeigh responded publicly, Kendra doubled down on the accusations. But, according to the host, she doesn’t have to lie and certainly wouldn’t on her station’s airwaves.

“To be clear. I have NO reason to lie,” Kendra wrote. “Furthermore, I work at a professional radio station that would never allow me to make a claim like this if it wasn’t true. Period.”


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DaniLeigh Tells TSR Cancelation Was Over Limited Availability

Dani also spoke to TSR after publicly denying any previous knowledge about107.5 WGCI FM’s interview. She said she woke up, saw the news concerning her and Kendra, and was given details about the interview. Dani claims the interview was canceled because of her availability, not Kendra G.

“I didn’t know I had this interview … no one told me .. I woke up this morning and this was the first thing I saw … I heard it was just canceled bc I was only available in the evening … Def Jam scheduled it ..I don’t even know her at all,” DaniLeigh said.

And if Kendra G. sticks to her story, DaniLeigh wants her to at least provide proof of her words.

“She should show proof that that’s what I specifically did … bc ain’t no way smh,” DaniLeight said.


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No word yet from officials at 107.5 WGCI FM!


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