Rolling Ray Responds To Accusations Of Scamming His Followers

(EXCLUSIVE) Rolling Ray Responds To Accusations That He Scammed His Followers On Social Media | TSR Investigates

Rolling Ray, a.k.a. the most famous boy in a wheelchair, has been accused by several social media users of being a scammer.

Chastity Jones, along with many others alleged victims, are claiming they paid Ray for shoutouts on Instagram.

But after sending the money, they say he took their cash and rolled out.

Internet Personality Steps Into The Shade Room To Set The Record Straight On Accusations Of Scamming Fans

The reality star stepped into The Shade Room to set the record straight on these accusations and is claiming that he’s far from purrrfect. Was this one big misunderstanding?

Or was Rolling Ray knowingly playing the scamming game the whole time? The Shade Room investigates…

Rolling Ray shot up to Internet fame over the last few years, he’s a rapper, a reality star, Internet personality, for his words of affirmation like “purr.”

He also calls his fans his friends, but fans say he was anything but a friend when they claimed he accepted their money for shout-outs and business advertisements, however he never posted them and ultimately went dark on them.

Rolling Ray Rays Entire Thing Is A Misunderstanding, But Some Scorned Fans Claim Otherwise

We reached out to Ray and he says he wants to make a few things right ahead of the holidays. He says that he’s not purr-fect, but that this is all a misunderstanding.

Last year, Chasity Jones saw a post by Ray promoting rates for shout-outs on his Instagram to his half-million followers.

“I did reach out to him and he DM’d me back immediately,” Jones tells TSR Investigates. “He told me it was $75, I cash was apped him immediately and he was going to post me at 2 o’clock.”

Jones, an alleged victim, wanted to promote her new body care business “Glisten,” but she says hours went by and nothing was ever posted.

Rolling Ray
Rolling Ray promo post (courtesy of Instagram)

“I see him posting an (Instagram) Story of him eating, and I’m like, so you’re not busy… So I DM’d him again. He instead just posts he’s well fed off my $75, and he’s commenting to everyone commenting on his page.”

Ripped-Off Fans Take To Social Media To Air Rolling Ray Out For Scamming Them For $75 Shoutouts

She went on to say that she noticed him commenting and commented, asking Ray if he would be posting her business shout-out or refund her the money.

“He immediately deletes my comment,” she says.

Jones eventually called out Ray on social media, and accused the Internet personality of scamming her, writing she spoke to other girls who Ray had allegedly scammed too.

“Then he comes right in my inbox, saying ‘no one scammed you,’ and that ‘you’re getting posted tomorrow, no refunds, thanks.”

Rolling Ray scam
Pictured: a screenshot of a cash app transfer made by a fan to Rolling Ray for a business shoutout.

When she told him she would rather just have the money back and not be posted, he started sending her nasty voice messages telling her she would not be refunded.

Another alleged victim, who asked only to be referred to by his first name Chris, paid Ray $150 in October to promote his credit repair business.

Alleged Scam Goes Back Until At Least 2020, Promises Of Refunds Go Unfulfilled

The reported scam goes back until at least 2020, when a third victim named Kyra sent Ray $75 for a birthday shoutout for a friend of hers only to be similarly ignored. After Kyra posted about the issue in Ray’s comments, he finally got back to her, telling her to “stop f***ing writing me & trying to get clout.”

He ended the messages by telling her he would “refund her ugly a**,” but Kyra says he never did, and never does.

We called Rolling Ray directly about the accusations, and he said he has other people running his social media, including one of his exes who went viral last year over a picture that surfaced of him sucking Ray’s toes.

Ray says when his ex responded to the fans, he didn’t know if they really paid, as his management didn’t have an organized system.

(L-R) Lumuel Plummer, Bobby Lytes, Rolling Ray, Jason Lee and Jason Tolbert attend the Zeus Network’s “Bobby I Love You, Purr” Los Angeles Premiere Screening at Regal North Hollywood on August 21, 2022 in North Hollywood, California. (Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images for The Zeus Network)

He does admit that he did get backed up with repayments.

TSR Investigates Speaks To Rolling Ray, Refunds Begin In Earnest

Days after our phone conversation, the people who reached out initially said they got their refund, including another woman who said she paid $75 for a birthday shoutout.

We must note that Ray has since made several social media posts where he upholds his intent to repay everyone back, and says he now has a better system in place to keep track of his social media advertising.

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