Shenseea Says Being A Libra Means She Will Cheat Back, Talks Drake

(Exclusive) Shenseea Talks Drake Rumors & Why Being A Libra Means She Cheats— “I Have To Balance Things Out”

Calling all hot gyals! Shenseea stepped in to play TSR Studio’s original “Keep It 100!” and the Jamaican Dancehall artist spilled some tea on herself.

While shopping for a head-to-toe outfit with a $100 budget, Shenseea answers spicy tea questions with host Buzy Baker. What’s a man gotta do to catch her attention in the DM’s? And has Shenseea ever cheated in a relationship??

She’s A Libra, So She Cheats Back

The 25-year-old entertainer might have been born in the fall, but she’s not falling for infidelity. While shopping for an outfit, the musician revealed to Buzy that she’s been cheated on in a past relationship. However, she didn’t curl up and get depressed over it, instead her Libra instincts took over, encouraging her to get even by cheating back, she said.

“I’ve cheated in a relationship before. But it was a case where the person cheated on me.”

Shenseea explained further.

“I’m very loyal, very faithful. I don’t even flirt—I don’t even find another man attractive if I’m with you…being the Libra that I am, I have to balance things out. I’m the type of girl that either I’m going to cheat on you or I’m going to leave you, so pick your person.”

Shenseea Denies Rumor She Was Pregnant By Drake

The mother of one also tackled an internet rumor that she was once pregnant by Champagne Papi aka Drake. No one seems to know the origin of the chatter but she vehemently denied the Drake lie and added that she respects him as an artist.

I would make a record with Drake. He is pretty talented. Nothing that deals with rumors, let the public talk.

Shutting down the rumor, Shenseea said:

No! I swear on my life, no! Don’t play on my vajayjay like that.

Interesting! Hit play to hear Shenseea talk about this and more on “Keep It 100!”


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