EXCLUSIVE: The Real Reason Behind The Jason Derulo And Daphne Joy Split

EXCLUSIVE: The Real Reason Behind The Jason Derulo And Daphne Joy Split

What’s done in the dark always come to light and Roommates, we are about to shine some light for you on the real reason Jason Derulo and Daphne Joy broke up!

This light is a little too bright, so I’m going to need you to follow closely.

Sources close to Justin Bieber’s camp told us that Jason has apparently been messing around with one of his dancers, who has been dating Justin Bieber’s lead dancer for 3 years.

Chile, this light is getting brighter because our sources tell us that the dancer has been messing with Jason Derulo for the same 3 years she’s been with her man.. Oop!

Now, let’s do the math real quick Roommates. If Jason and his dancer have been messing around for 3 years, could she be the same reason, or one of the reasons he and our girl Jordin Sparks went their separate ways? *Sips tea.

Our sources reveal that despite people warning Daphne about Jason, she gave him a chance anyway, and they were extremely in love. He even introduced her to his whole family!

Daphne was completely heart broken over his unfaithfulness and therefore ended their relationship as soon as everything came to light. Can you blame her!?

If you’re wondering where his dancer and her man, or should we say ex man now stand, welp, he reportedly wants nothing to do with her nor Jason, and feels extremely disrespected by the two.


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