Dr. Fauci Explains Why Monkeypox Is Overwhelmingly Affecting Men

(Exclusive Video) Dr. Fauci Explains Why Monkeypox Is Overwhelmingly Affecting Men, Clarifies It’s Not An STI | #TSRNewz

With misinformation being spread left and right and Monkeypox numbers on the rise, it’s more important than ever to know the facts. Dr. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist, exclusively debunked misconceptions about the virus that is growing in its number of cases nationally with The Shade Room on Wednesday.

Monkeypox was first identified in May, with several cases reported. That number grew exponentially three months later, with 1,100 recorded cases. Places like California, New York, New York City and San Francisco have already declared a state of emergency.

Dr. Fauci Explains Spread Of Monkeypox Amongst Men

“Never underestimate the potential of a disease outbreak,” Dr. Fauci tells TSR Newz reporter Justin Carter.

In the United States, we have over 11,000 reported cases. It’s predominantly at present, rather overwhelmingly more than 98% or so among men who have sex with men, almost certainly because the virus has inserted itself into the sexual networks of gay men. Particularly when people have sex with anonymous partners with people they’ve never met.

Misconceptions And How You Can Stay Safe

Although monkeypox is spreading due to close skin-to-skin contact between a particular network of sexually active people, Dr. Fauci warns that the virus is not an STI and can spread to everyone. The virus is even known to spread through inanimate objects, he says.

“Why are people thinking that this is an STI and a virus that is just caught by men who have sex with men?” Justin Carter asked.

Dr. Fauci clarified that the virus spreads by mere contact.

“Strictly speaking, a sexually transmitted infection is one that is transmitted only during sexual interaction. Although, close skin-to-skin contact is obviously one of the hallmarks of sexual interaction that the virus is spread in that environment. However, unlike other sexually transmitted infections, it can also be spread by skin-to-skin contact or other inanimate objects.


Hit play to hear Dr. Fauci talk monkeypox misconceptions and more facts about the virus with TSR Newz.


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