(Exclusive) Woah Vicky Says Past Beef With Bhad Bhabie Wasn't For Real -- "It Was Clout From My End"

(Exclusive) Woah Vicky Says Past Beef With Bhad Bhabie Wasn’t For Real — “It Was Clout From My End”

It’s been three years since young internet stars Whoa Vicky aka Victoria Rose and Bhad Bhabie put their hands on each other at a recording studio, and now Vicky says she would hug the teen.

The social media star, 22, and her internet-famous boyfriend, John “Boonk Gang” Gabbana, spoke exclusively with the director of social content at The Shade Room Teens, Taylor Bickham, about everything from how they met to internet clout, and Vicky’s viral fight with “Gucci Flip Flops” rapper Bhad Bhabie.

The conflict between the artists started after Bhad Bhad, 19, claimed Vicky used a derogatory term to describe one of her best friends at a birthday party. Subsequently, Woah Vicky went on live and asked followers to stop comparing her to Bhad Bhabie, which made her respond. Eventually, Woah Vicky did threaten to fight the teen in real life in a now-deleted clip.

Vicky and the star’s feud blew up after they fought not once — but twice on camera, which Vicky reveals now was a clout move.

“It was clout from my end. I was at the crib laughing, making them videos. I’m like ‘this girl crazy; she don’t realize how much fame she giving me. But, you gotta think she’s like three years younger than me.”

Gabbana added,

“She saying that she didn’t take it seriously.”

Woah Vicky added in the interview that she would give Bhad Bhabie a hug if they saw each other today and that she’s forgiven the situation.

Check out the TSR Teens exclusive clip below.

Woah Vicky & John Gabbana Find Love In Real Life

Kudos to the couple who have matured together over the last few months. The lovers had their separate internet fame before coming together. The pair revealed they were romantic this past January when Woah Vicky shared a montage of their cute relationship moments on TikTok and tagged Gabbana.



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