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Facebook Proves That People Are More Than Happy To Come Out!

 This is more than happy news for the LGBT community, as Facebook studies show over 800,000 people have expressed their love for their same-sex since October, 2014. 

According to CBS News, Facebook stats have proven that 1 out of 10 people everyday express their love for the same gender and gender identity under “interested in” and the stats just keep rising.

 Can you believe that once the Supreme Court ruled “love wins” supporting same-sex marriage laws in all 50 states, that Facebook doubled for members openly expressing their preference versus on a typical day?


“Facebook’s research is proving just what a difference visibility makes to LGBT people,” said Jay Brown, director of research and public education at Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

“We see people becoming visible in their own lives.”


There’s even a map indicating how many Facebook users indicate a specific sexual preference and gender identity conformity. States representing a dark to light shade of purple are more prone to come out compared to other states with a light green to dark green color shade.

 Facebook members with a dark shade of purple are more open in California, Maryland, New York, District of Columbia, and Nevada, while states like North Carolina, Idaho and Montana in the LGBT community, are coming out less rapidly.


“National Coming Out Day” on October 11, 2014 was the first opportunity for people to feel encourage to openly express their sexual preference and ever since then the numbers have increased on Facebook.


Ahhh! What a time to be alive as an LGBT! It’s good to hear people are not worried about other’s opinions, who you love and what to accept yourself as is your prerogative!

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