Many fans have been excited since Diddy announced the Bad Boy Reunion Tour a few months back.

With acts like Lil Kim, Total, The Lox, Faith Evans and a host of others, everyone is ready to see these acts perform some of their greatest hits. However, it looks like fans in Atlanta may not see Faith Evans during the September 8th tour stop.

According to TMZ, a Georgia businessman by the name of Jeremy Hill is suing to have her pulled from the show on that particular date.

He apparently booked Faith to perform at Wolf Creek Amphitheater in Atlanta on September 10th, and paid her $17,500 in advance. He said once the tour was announced, he knew things were going to turn out for the bad.

Now what would be the big deal if both shows take place on two separate days, right?

Well according to Hill, his deal with Faith Evans included a non-compete. Meaning that she cannot perform within a 100-mile radius of his event during the six months leading up to September 10th.

In the lawsuit not only is he looking to block her from performing at the reunion, but he’s also looking for $100,000 after he says Faith’s team told him she was allegedly backing out of the deal.


Roommates what are your thoughts?



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