#Roommates, social media went absolutely crazy earlier this week when DaBaby was rumored to be dating social media personality B. Simone. Well, despite what many first assumed, it appears that DaBaby and B. Simone are only teaming up for business matters and not romance.

By now you’re probably aware of the enormous crush that B. Simone has on DaBaby, as she practically lets it be known as much as she can. This is why many fans were thinking that her ultimate dream came true and that the two were officially dating following photos that saw her embracing a man with the same tattoos in the same exact place as DaBaby.

Welp, sorry to crush those dreams—but the two are not dating. Turns out, the photos were all a publicity stunt for DaBaby’s upcoming release of his new short film/music video titled, “Find My Way” which is starring none other than B. Simone.

He recently took to Instagram and shared the trailer for the video, which reveals that B. Simone will play his love interest. After seeing the online uproar he caused, DaBaby made it very clear that everyone had it wrong, he wrote on Instagram, “Stupid a** ni**a lol, #MarketingGOAT.”

Additionally, it should also be noted that B. Simone has an upcoming book that’s about to be released, which is currently seeing a massive increase in pre-sales due to the publicity stunt. So, we guess they both won in terms of professional success.

Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?