Lil Tay Allegedly In Mom's Custody, Dad Owes $275K In Support

Family Attorneys For Lil Tay Say The Minor Is In Her Mother’s Custody, While Father Owes $275K In Child Support

Family lawyers for Tay Tian recently cleared up misconceptions and gave long-awaited answers about the minor’s custody status.

Again, the update on the tween came via Instagram feeds for Tay Tian, aka Lil Tay, and her law firm MacLean Law. Lorne MacLean K.C. and Fraser MacLean, based in Vancouver, Canada, were at the head of the statement.

According to a one-slide post, Tay Tian’s mother, Angela Tian, asked the family attorneys to speak on the custody, parenting, and support aspects of the child’s life. The six bullet points in the announcements are allegedly the “results in the British Columbia Supreme Court.”

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Tay Tian’s Father Reportedly Paying Monthly Child Support Owed From 2014-Present

Angela and Tay Tian first acknowledged ongoing court proceedings in a 2018 interview with The Daily Beast. In October of that same year, a GoFundMe surfaced, allegedly run by her older brother Jason Tian. The fundraiser had a goal of $19,000 to allegedly ‘Save Tay from a Life of Abuse.’

In 2018, her father, Chris Hope, reportedly requested Tay Tian be returned to his custody and relocated back to Canada from Los Angeles.

But the GoFundMe detailed past allegations of Chris’ physical and mental abusive acts against Tay. Such alleged acts included locking her in a closet, preparing moldy school lunches, and leaving bruised body parts and a broken toe.

The recent statement from Tay Tian’s attorneys did not address the abuse claims.

However, it confirmed–as the GoFundMe also stated–that Chris Hope owes backed child support. He is allegedly coughing up the owed dough on a monthly basis and extra coins for other unspecified expenses.

“Retroactive child support owed by the father since 2014, amounting to approximately $275,000,” the statement said. “Ongoing monthly child support from the father, plus additional expenses.”

Meanwhile, Angela Tian was allegedly granted full custody, daily care, and full control of Tian’s career.

“Sole day-to-day and final decision-making powers and responsibilities in the best interests of Tay Tian for Ms. Tian. Ms. Tian is the person entitled to sign contracts. Tay Tian’s primary residence being with her mother, Ms. Tian, and entitlement to relocate outside of Vancouver for Ms. Tian and. Tay Tian.”

Meanwhile, the new statement comes less than two weeks after Tay Tian issued a statement denying she and her brother Jason had passed away. She claimed a third-party compromised her account, and with the help of Meta, she was able to recover it. Meta later confirmed they assisted the minor.

With the court case seemingly behind them, it’s unclear if Tay Tian has plans to again create content under the controversial persona Lil Tay.

No additional updates about Chris Hope and Jason Tian are available at this time. 



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