Family Of Zekee Rayford Speaks Out Following Viral Video

Family Of Zekee Rayford Speaks Out Following Viral Video Of Him Being Tasered By Police In Schertz, Texas (Exclusive Details)

Yesterday, a viral video of 18-year-old Zekee Rayford, being tackled and repeatedly tased by two Schertz, Texas police officers surfaced with little to no details.

TSR Exclusively spoke with Zekee’s sister, Tamecca Thomas-Rayford to learn more about the incident. The video, which was recorded by the Rayford family’s home security camera, shows Zekee exit his vehicle with his hands up and running to the front door of his home, screaming for his father, Kevin Rayford.

According to police, the incident started about 11:30 p.m. Monday when Zekee, who was driving home from welding school, ran a traffic light on Schertz Parkway. His sister Tamecca claims he did not stop when the officers turned on their lights and sirens due to the dark road. Zekee, who had had “the talk’ with his father about police on several occasions, felt like it was safer to drive somewhere where it was light, which was home, and that’s when he got out of his vehicle with his hands up.

As Zekee ran to his front door and repeatedly yelled for his father, video caught one officer yelling, “Show me your hands now. Get down on the ground. Get down on the (expletive) ground.” The three officers followed him to the door, where one male officer had his taser drawn.

The video continued to capture two officers dragging Zekee to the ground while the third stood by and watched. The officers commanded him to stop resisting and fighting. However, one officer began to use his Taser on Zekee and nearly had his hand around his neck. Zekee was tased six times.

Once Zekee’s father, Kevin, and two of his sisters opened the door, they immediately asked the officers what was going on. One female officer instructed, “He’s under arrest. We found pot in the vehicle.” When Kevin asked, “Then why the (expletive) did you tase him?”  The officer replied, “He fled from us, and he (expletive) ran. Do you understand that?”

While the Rayford family continued to ask questions, the male officers sharply responded, to Kevin stating, “You better relax, or you’re going to get it next.” According to Tamecca, she felt the situation could’ve been de-escalated and alleges that the officer who tased her brother had his body camera turned off.

Zekee was arrested and charged with evading an arrest with a vehicle, which is a felony, and evading arrest by foot, resisting arrest and possession of less than two ounces of marijuana, all misdemeanors. Zekee was transported to the Guadalupe County jail, and a judge set his bond at $14,500. He was released earlier this week after his family was able to secure payment for his bond. It’s uncertain if officers found the marijuana they claimed Zekee had when they searched the car for pot.

Tamecca revealed that Zeekee had several bruises on his back and did go to the hospital to be evaluated by a doctor once he returned from jail. As of now, there has been no disciplinary action against the officers involved in the incident. Tamecca alleges that the Chief of Police Michael Hansenin, has refused a sit down with her father. She also claims that Lieutenant Daniel Roman is justifying the incident and stated Zekee should’ve listened to the commands and stopped when the cops told him to.

The Rayford family is currently looking for civil lawyers to take legal action against the officers and find out what they can do at this moment. They are open to any recommendations.

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