Famous Designer Michael Costello Shuts Down Woman Accusing Him Of Stealing Her Designs - Fashion Wars!

Famous Designer Michael Costello Shuts Down Woman Accusing Him Of Stealing Her Designs – Fashion Wars!

Michael Costello is a young famous American Couture Designer who was a finalist on Project Runway Season 8. Since then, his name is now mentioned among the best in fashion and his designs have been seen on A-List Celebrities including Queen Bey (Beyonce).

Lately Michael Costello has been in the middle of some drama honey! He recently fell out with his muse & friend from Project Runway Tia Shipman when he publicly accused her of not being a loyal friend. He then blocked her on social media and posted a screenshot to let everyone know about it!

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Now, a fairly new Designer Ellae Elisque , accused Michael Costello of stealing her designs! Now hold on because this is where it gets juicy. The Designer behind Ellae Elisque posted a receipt that proved that Michael Costello purchased one of her designs from her online store. Shortly after he made the purchase, she claims he posted a picture of a model wearing her exact designs…but he tried to pass it off as his own “Mini Diana” design.

photo 5


(top right corner is the post that Michael Costello made with his model allegedly wearing Ellae Elisque. Bottom right corner is the dress made by Ellae Elisque. Left is the receipt of payment from Michael Costello to Ellae Elisque.)

Here’s What Ellae Elisque Said:

When I received payment from Michael Costello a week ago, one of my favorite designers, I was at a loss for words. I was excited but a TAD confused (this man makes dresses for beyonce)…..a week later he literally bought my EXACT dress, put it on his model, and took pictures in his showroom as if he designed this piece himself. It’s so disheartening I couldn’t help but shed a tear.

Judging from the pictures alone, it looks like the model Michael Costello posted was in fact wearing the dress he purchased from Ellae Elisque….but hold up…plot twist!

photo 1

You know Michael Costello had to fire back at ms. thang! He posted a picture that proved that he was the first to create the design last year with the caption:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Our Diana gown made by Michael and Stephanie over a year ago. We love as a team to inspire.”

photo 3

When M. Costello and Stephanie made this design…it was before Ellae Elisque even existed. In fact, it looks like Ellae Elisque should have done some research before they decided to say that the famous M. Costello replicated their designs. One thing that we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of is why Costello would purchase her knock off dress and pass it off as his own? We need answers for that one!




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