Fans Can't Stop Talking About Rihanna's Collard Greens And Yams

Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Rihanna’s Collard Greens And Yams

Is Bad Gal RiRi suffering from the “too much junk in ya trunk” epidemic? Fans think so! Fans all over have been speculating RiRi has been eating that good ole mac n cheese with collard greens after seeing pics of the singer looking thickety-thick!

Of course, Rihanna has yet to confirm this news, but fans are putting two and two together after RiRi’s been spotted wearing baggy clothes and looking like a yummy snack from her head straight down to her thighs. Fans have been commenting that she’s put on some weight. Other fans have even gone as far to say she may be hiding a baby bump!

What we REALLY wanna know is what this bad gal has been cooking up in her kitchen.. cause RiRi girl you was always a snack but now you just looking like a 5 course meal! #wewantparts

Roommates, here are some tweets below that prove everyone has been noticing this newly transformed woman from Rihanna to Thickanna.



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