Fat Joe States Ja Rule Was The Drake Of His Time: 'You Was The Drake Before Drake' (Video)

Fat Joe States Ja Rule Was The Drake Of His Time: ‘You Was The Drake Before Drake’ (Video)

On Wednesday, Fat Joe and Ja Rule were on IG Live discussing their hit-for-hit battle. While reminiscing about the night before, Fat Joe stated that Ja Rule was Drake before Drake 

“No disrespect to your hip hop roots but you’re a pop star.” Fat Joe continued, “I always tell everybody you was the Drake before the Drake.”

Ja Rule responded, “Dreezy the GOAT. He the GOAT.”


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After agreeing with Ja Rule’s comment, “He’s the GOAT. We not going there,” Fat Joe stated. “But what I’m saying is for the youth who’s tuned in they don’t realize that…they don’t realize that this guy Ja Rule had a run like Drake for years. Just hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit,” he expressed.

A few people responded and said, “Give rule his [flower] emoji no shade. Another person said, “Absolutely and y’all young kids under 30 can shut up cause y’all don’t even know!!”

Speaking about his hits, another person added, “Ja Rule had so many hits back to back! The early 2000’s he controlled it.”

A few people disagreed. One person stated, “Jarule never debuted 9 songs from one album on the billboard tho. Y’all can’t leave Drakes name out of y’alls mouths?”

Someone else stated, “y’all must now know how world wide drake is”

Fat Joe’s live was interesting because Ashanti also hopped on, along with Remy Ma, and shared she was in a relationship, when she was asked about the hug she and Nelly shared.

When mentioned, Ashanti revealed she wasn’t single. Ja Rule stated, “You know Nelly single now. Ashanti responded, “Yeah, But I ain’t. So…”

As previously reported, Drake’s ‘Certified Lover’s Boy’ is breaking all kinds of records. According to Billboard, “Way Too Sexy” just charted at number one, while CLB simultaneously surpassing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with nine singles from one album landing in the top 10 of Billboards Hot 100.”

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