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Feds Find Out Some Of Apollo Nida’s Stuff Are At Kandi Burruss’ House Thanks To RHOA’s Last Episode!!

Looks like the Feds are definitely watching and they were certainly locked in to Real Housewives of Atlanta last Sunday! We certainly have a feeling had Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks known that sooner they would have watched what they said too!

According to TMZ, the government has been searching for all of Apollo Nida’s belongs since he owes almost $2 million in restitution for all the money he scammed through check fraud and money laundering.

Two key items that they have been really sweet on are Apollo’s 2014 Ducati motorcycle and his Yamaha Raptor ATV which are worth a pretty penny! Apollo seemed to have hid his possessions pretty well at Kandi’s house… but then again that was until she and Phaedra mentioned them on national television!

If y’all remember last episode Phaedra and Kandi had a little bit of a heart to heart where Phaedra got upset that people were coming to her about Apollo’s bikes at Kandi’s house which she claims to have known nothing about.“Well let me tell you what really tripped me out, when a stranger came up to me in the grocery store and said, ‘I want to buy some of Apollo’s stuff that is sitting up in Kandi’s property.’ When I’m like, ‘Huh! What do you mean?’” Parks said

She then even mentioned the Feds coming after her for Apollo’s things which Kandi brushed off saying the Feds are coming for Phaedra because the bikes are at her house but little did she know just two days later the Feds were allegedly waiting for Kandi at the doe!

We guess they didn’t learn from Bobby Shmurda’s demise! Looks like Apollo is going to be pissed that he has to do a lot more walking when he gets out! Moral of the story: watch what you say! Lets chat below !


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