Fetty Wap And Masika Kalysha Celebrate Their Daughter Khari's

Fetty Wap And Masika Kalysha Celebrate Their Daughter Khari’s 5th Birthday

Celebrities are known for having lavish birthday parties for themselves and their children, and even while being in a Pandemic, they will find a way to celebrate. When it comes to children’s parties, some celebrities like to keep it intimate with close family and friends, and that’s the vibes we have seen at the birthday party for Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap’s daughter Khari. Last night Masika’s sister shared moments from the 5-year-old’s paint party on Instagram. Viewers were able to see how both parents were in attendance and seen a side of Fetty we never knew we were missing out on. He took a second to serenade his baby girl by singing his song “Birthday.” That wasn’t it. He also sang the traditional Happy birthday song, which had Khari and With Masika in all smiles.  While enjoying the moment, Masika said, “ It was the song for me,“ while laughing.

The laughter continued when Fetty grabbed a piece of frosting from Khari’s ‘Frozen’ themed caked shape in number 5 and smeared it on Khari and Masika’s face. Fetty took a second to admire the joke by taking a bow, but Masika said ‘Aht Aht’ and quickly ran after Fetty and retaliated by adding some icing to his face, which got in his right eye. As we know, since he arrived in the industry, Fetty has been very open about him having Congenital Glaucoma. He decided not to wear a prosthetic eye in his left eye before the fame. Attendees of the party were pretty amused at the interaction with Khari’s parents. Someone in the background joked with Fetty and said, “Not the good eye.”

Masika stepped into The Shade Room and commented on the post about Fetty’s vocal ability. “So I was today years old when I found out FettyWap could sing!” Masika said. “My baby had a ball. Thank you for all the birthday wishes.”

We’re so glad to see Masika & Fetty in such a good space around their daughter!



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