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Matt Barnes Reportedly Tries To “Beat The Sh*T” Out Of  Derek Fisher For Allegedly Dating Gloria Govan!!

Word on the street is NY Knicks Coach, Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes got into a heated lovers quarrel over Gloria Govan!

According to the NY Post, word got back to Matt that Derek and Gloria spent the weekend together in LA and Matt, who was in Santa Barbara for a Grizzlies training camp, hightailed his ass to her house!

According to their source, Matt drove 95 miles out of his way to confront Derek. He allegedly found Derek in Gloria’s backyard where they were having a bonfire with about 10 people in attendance. Another source also added, “Matt came after Derek but he only had a few scratches … Derek’s not going to press charges, he’s going to let it go.”

Matt allegedly left the scene before cops arrived but word is Gloria may be looking into getting a restraining order! Funny he didn’t look this hung up over love when he was caught gossiping about his “relations” with Rihanna…. But anyways!!!!

Rumor has it that after Derek divorced his wife back in March, he and Gloria began dating not too long after! 

What makes matters look even more suspicious is that Detek was MIA for Knicks practice on Monday, a circumstance that the Team chucked up to alleged plane troubles.

But then they tweeted this :


Yeah personal  reasons indeed because other sources are saying this very fight is the reason why he actually missed practice.

According to Yahoo!, both teams are aware of the incident including the NBA and they are investigating what happened even though no one could be reached for immediate comments.

Chile the hot mess factor in this story has reached new levels!! Let’s chat below!


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Sources Sited: NY Post


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