Fivio Foreign Reflects On Putting His Friends Before His Kids

Fivio Foreign Opens Up About The “Dumbest” Mistake He Made After Becoming Famous

Fivio Foreign is learning to put his children first.

On Saturday (January 20), the rapper took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to respond to a fan. The fan was curious to learn more about a particular line lifted from Fivio’s new song, ‘Same 24.’

Fivio Foreign Shares A Regret Of His With Fans

The track, which features Meek Mill, was released earlier this week and hears Fivio reflecting on some of the “stupid” things he did after reaching fame.

One of those regrets was icing out his friends before his own children. Ouch!

“Can I live? All that stupid s**t I did / I iced out the gang before I iced out my kids,” he raps. “I packed out a show before I packed out my fridge. And they sayin’ they need more, that’s some disrespectful s**t.”

The line about not providing the same gifts for his kids as his friends appeared to have left quite the impression on X user @Chyieaa, who asked Fivio to elaborate on what he meant.

“Fivio said ‘I iced out the gang, before I iced out my kids’ what do you mean?”

Fivio noticed the tweet and explained how his “homies” had more or less received better gifts than his own children.

And it’s fair to assume that Fivio wasn’t talking about cheap jewelry, either.

“I brought chains for homies b4 I brought kids jewelry.. Dumbest sh** I ever did,” he responded.

Fans Were Quick To React To His Response

In the comment section under The Shade Room‘s post, the roomies were letting their opinions be heard.

One of the top comments by @__.mise said, “Men obsession with their friends need to be studied.”

Another person went to the extent of saying that it was devilish behavior for a man to put his friends before his children.

@lebunnyofficial added, “givin ya homies a single thing before givin it to ya kids is diabolical work.”

Others viewed the situation more positively. @baddmarie contributed her opinion to the conversation, stating that she saw this as nothing more than a rapper admitting to his mistakes.

“I liked the fact he acknowledged a wrong and hopefully learning from it… accountability,” they wrote.

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