Fivio Foreign Shares Details About His Upcoming Album, 'The Bible' Which Will Be Executive Produced By Kanye West"—''I Trust His Judgement" Celebs - The Shade Room

Fivio Foreign Shares Details About His Upcoming Album, ‘The Bible’ Which Will Be Executive Produced By Kanye West”—”I Trust His Judgement”

Last night was the third album listening party for Kanye West’s upcoming album ‘DONDA,’ and it was lit, literally. The event took place in his hometown of Chicago at Soldier Field stadium, and it had the Internet going crazy. Not only were folks talking about his antics on stage, but they discussed the other artists featured on the album, like Fivio Foreign. Fivio started trending on Twitter for his feature on the song, ‘Off The Grid,’ which also features Playboi Carti. Fans were so impressed with Fivio’s verse that one tweeted that Kanye needed to executive produce Fivio’s whole career now, and as we reported, Fivio responded by tweeting, “He doing my album.”

The Shade Room reached out exclusively to Fivio to find out all tea about the upcoming album Kanye is producing, titled ‘The Bible.’  Fivio explained that once Ye is finished with his album ‘DONDA,’ it’s go time. We asked Fivio how the opportunity came about, and he explained that it started after he did a freestyle on Hot 97 and how the rappers connected through their love of drill music. The New York native detailed how Kanye reached out to him for a verse, and the rest was history. As far as a vision for the album, it’s a little too early to tell.

Fivio advised that there isn’t an exact timeline of when it will drop and how it will sound, but he did say that Ye, who he calls a “super genius,” will call out some big names for features and that the album is going to go viral. We asked Fivio if he would let Kanye pick all the features on ‘The Bible,’ or is he going to tell him who he wants on it? “I want certain people but, we gone work together and put our brains together. I trust his judgment,” he said. Outside of wanting Kanye to be featured on the album, he shared he wants Roddy Ricch because he has the “gospel voice.”

We also asked how he chose the name ‘The Bible .’ “I feel like what I’m doing is bigger than me. The bible is bigger than the person who wrote the bible. Since everybody is starting to follow the drill wave, I’m going to kind of let them follow the wave,” Fivio detailed.  As the anticipation builds up for ‘The Bible,’ we’ll be waiting to see how the tracklist, visuals, and performances pan out!

If you haven’t seen Fivio on stage, he goes hard. We shared a clip from his performance at Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert, and during our conversation, he shared that it was crazy! “It was my first time at Summer Jam period. It was fire. I wish I had more time on stage, but I was locked up when they booked everyone. So by the time I got home, they had to squeeze me in,” stated Fivio.

Roommates, are yall excited for Kanye to executive produce Fivio’s upcoming album?

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