Whew! Moniece Slaughter and Fizz have truly had a relationship full of ups and downs, but regardless, they will be in one another’s lives FOREVA!

Most recently, Fizz and Moniece have been on the outs due to the development of his relationship with Apryl Jones, who just so happens to be the ex and baby momma of his former group-mate, Omarion.

Initially, it was perceived as though Moniece had an issue with Fizz and Apryl’s relationship. Now, the narrative seems to be shifting in favor of Moniece.

During part two of the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion, things got heated between Cameron’s parents, who started to argue about custody of their son.

While going back and forth with her baby daddy, Moniece expresses that the issue she has is not with Apryl and Fizz, but with how Fizz dismisses her mental health issues, and has refused to help her during her times of need.

“I need you to step in as the person, who f**cked me and got me pregnant, and was supportive of having a baby because I don’t feel right,” she says. “I don’t ask you to take care of me, I just really needed support for the baby. So don’t sit here and constantly down me when I”m saying I’m in a bad space emotionally.”

Moniece continues, saying that Fizz is part of the problem, and is not there to support her when it comes to their son. Fizz’ story, however, is quite different. From his point of view, him being there during those times is only enabling Moniece’s “behavior”, and he even asks her to give up her responsibility of having full custody.

“You want to take full accountability? Be fully accountable that you are not mentally right, and that you can’t be a parent on your weeks, so you want me to take our child,” Fizz says.

Hopefully Moniece and Fizz can work through things out for the sake of Cameron!