Flavor Flav Claims Miley Cyrus Slapped Him For Mistaking Her

Try Again! Flavor Flav Claims Miley Cyrus Slapped Him When He Mistakenly Called Her By Another Singer’s Name

In a hilarious twist of mistaken identity, Flavor Flav claims he once got a good ol’ smack in the face from none other than Miley Cyrus.

The reason? The Public Enemy rapper got his Caucasian pop divas all mixed up, and Cyrus apparently did not hesitate to set him straight.

Flavor Flav Opens Up On Reportedly Getting Slapped By Miley

During a recent appearance on Bethenny Frankel’s ‘Just B‘ podcast, Flav recalled attending the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival. At the event, the 64-year-old said he saw someone he thought he recognized. A young, blonde singer with a wild edge.

He innocently mistook her for Gwen Stefani, given Stefani’s own legacy of pushing fashion boundaries throughout her career. But alas, it wasn’t Stefani, it’s the former ‘Hannah Montana’ star, chile.

In all fairness, though, this was around the time when Cyrus was making constant headlines for her shock-value ways, so it’s somewhat understandable why he didn’t recognize the Disney alum at first glance.

“Gwen Stefani! Gwen Stefani!” Flav recounted yelling at Cyrus, per the Daily Mail, completely unaware of who he was actually talking to.

But the Grammy winner seemed less than impressed as Flav claims she smacked him in his clock-adorned face.

“Miley Cyrus smacked Flavor Flav in the face, and I said, ‘I won’t let it happen again,'” he quipped. “We laughed it off.”

Perhaps she was trying to give him a reality check, or maybe she just wanted to make sure he remembered her face next time.

Flav And Miley Shared A Sweet Encounter At The Grammys

Whatever the case, the pair would reunite at the 2024 Grammys earlier this month as they crossed paths backstage.

This time, however, Flav made sure to get her name right as she embraced him with a welcoming hug. “You know it’s me?! I made it.”

“You don’t think I’m Gwen Stefani anymore? You used to call me ‘Gwen’ every time I saw you!”

“I know,” Flav responded, seemingly embarrassed by their previous encounter.

The dad of seven shared the video to his X page, jokingly referencing the mishap once more as he captioned the tweet, writing, “My girl Gwen Stefani, I mean MILEY CYRUS … Give My Girl her FLOWERS.”

Their encounter came moments after Cyrus scooped up a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance with ‘Flowers,’ which became her first ever win at the prestigious ceremony.

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