Flavor Flav Compares Taylor Swift's Music To Mary J. Blige

King Of Swiftie: Flavor Flav Compares Taylor Swift’s Music To Mary J. Blige

If you didn’t know, Flavor Flav is definitely a Swiftie! In a recent interview on HOT97, the Public Enemy star opened up about his love for Taylor Swift and even compared her songwriting to Mary J. Blige.

During his conversation on ‘Ebro In The Morning,’ the rapper gushed about his love for Swift.

Flavor Flav Declares He’s The “King of Swiftie”

The pair crossed paths in March 2023 when they both attended the iHeart Radio Music Festival.

Swift took a selfie with Flav. When the photo surfaced on the internet, many jokingly called it the most random pairing they had seen in a while.

The 64-year-old explained to Ebro Darden that he’s such a big fan of Swift that he’s now calling himself the “King of Swiftie.”

The former TV personality revealed that his favorite song by the pop star was ‘Bad Blood.’ Surprisingly, however, he shared that while he’s a fan of the remix version featuring Kendrick Lamar, he finds the solo version even better.

“I mean, that’s [about] everybody’s relationships, or everybody’s families, or everybody’s friendships, it’s like, you know, ‘I used to be good friends, now you did something to me, now we got bad blood, look what you’ve done!’” he said.

Flav also explained what initially drew him to share such a strong liking for Swift’s music as he recalled taking his kids to see her on her Eras tour.

Flav attended her show in Detroit, Michigan, over the summer of 2023. After the concert, he found himself listening to her songs.

“I went home, really, and I started listening to Taylor. I’m listening to her music, and I’m like, ‘Yo, this girl is dope,” he added.

Flav Compares Mary J. Blige’s Music To Swift’s Songwriting

While explaining his love for the ‘Shake It Off’ singer, he drew comparisons between Swift’s music to Mary J. Blige’s discography.

Flav shared that these women had more in common than one would think, explaining that they both write songs from real-life experiences.

He added that similar to Blige, Swift’s music, most of which is written about her personal life, is no different from the Queen of Soul.

“She’s writing a lot about her, you know, experiences that she goes through in life. Just like Mary J. Blige — you know what I’m saying?” he added.

“Mary writes about her experiences that she goes through in life, then when she gets up there on that stage, and she sings those songs, mostly every single woman in that audience relates to Mary.”

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