Now #Roommates, you know a wine bottle is for drinking right? Well, this one Delta flight attendant decided to take matters into her own hands and now may be facing some serious trouble after she reportedly  struck a passenger’s head with a wine bottle a few times!

According to the USA Today, the unruly passenger was attempting to open an exit door in midair during a flight to Beijing and was later held by crew staff until the pilot made an emergency landing in Seattle, where he was later taken into custody. Reports say the flight attendant was trying everything she could to prevent the passenger from opening up the emergency exit, but was pushed to the ground.

She then called for help from several other people on board but the passenger would not oblige and began to attack others on board who were trying to subdue him. Since she was left with no other choice, the flight attendant then took two wine bottles, breaking one in half on the disorderly’s passengers head. He was later removed from the flight and taken into custody by officials.

Roommates, would you have done the same thing if you were the flight attendant?


TSR STAFF- @maurita.salkey