Flint Mayor Karen Weaver Blasts Steve Harvey Over Water Crisis Joke -- Demands Apology 

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver Blasts Steve Harvey Over Water Crisis Joke — Demands Apology 

Last week, #SteveHarvey made an insensitive joke after a #Flint resident called in to boast about how the #GoldenStateWarriors won the #NBAChampionship. Since he is a #Cavs fan, the comedian chose to make a remark about their current water crisis. “You from Flint? That’s why yall ain’t even got clean water,” says Harvey. “When the last time you touched water and it didn’t have lead in it?”

Many comedians such as #MoNique and #GeorgeLopez have received a tremendous amount of backlash after some of the harsh comments they’ve made on stage. Is Steve any different? He argues that his comments were totally justified since trash talk is apart of the novelty of sports. 
“The caller and I were talking trash about our teams and cities,” he said later adding that the caller “laughed as my joke was taken in the context it was offered” and that “Any attempts to craft this into anything more serves no one.” He didn’t really apologize which compelled Flint’s mayor Karen Weaver to issue a public letter demanding that he do so. 
It reads: 
“As Mayor of the City of Flint, and someone who has been on your show and spoken with you personally about the Flint Water Crisis, I was deeply saddened by your comments about our city. While I feel it was not meant to be an intentional hurt or insult against the citizens of this community, it was.
We are still going through many hardships and challenges caused by the poisoning of our city. To make a joke out of a tragedy such as this was in very poor taste, especially coming from someone of your stature.
While we are making progress in replacing lead tainted service lines, we still have to use filters and remain on bottled water. As Mayor, I would appreciate, on behalf of the citizens of this community, a public apology. I would love to sit and discuss with you the status of where we are today. ”
What are your thoughts, Roommates? Should Steve Harvey apologize or have things taken a turn for the worst?

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Source: http://www.fox2detroit.com/news/local-news/261782302-story


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