Flo Rida To Donate His $82M Settlement To Charity

We Love To See It! Flo Rida To Donate Much Of His $82M Settlement To Charitable Causes

After winning an $82 million settlement in a court case against the energy drink Celsius, Flo Rida will be using the payout to fund philanthropic initiatives.

Flo Rida Is Excited About His Court Case Win But More Excited To Give Back

Flo Rida walked the Grammys red carpet on Sunday and spoke exclusively with Entertainment Tonight. The rapper and producer explained how much his recent judicial win meant to him.

Justice came, thanks to God… To other people out there who might be going through a situation when you give your truth, you can only expect the victory.

The artist explained that he’s excited about the ventures that now lie ahead of him.

They didn’t want to give me my just due, but thanks to the judicial system… I’m just overwhelmed and just excited about new ventures as well.

When asked about what he intended to do with the money, Flo Rida explained that he’s “all about giving.”

I’m all about giving, you know, giving is required so I look forward to taking care of the neighborhood…

Flo Rida Detailed His Specific Plans For The $82M Payout

The artist explained that it took a lot of effort for him to achieve his big judicial win.

People see the now, but imagine the work I put in. I had faith and I knew this would be successful.

As for his actual plans with the money, Flo Rida says he’s excited about the “philanthropic things” he can now do.

Now, I’m more so happy about the philanthropic things I can do. I have my Big Dreams For Kids charity. I have a youth football league — with over 10,000 kids… Those are the things I’m excited about.

Flo Rida explained that he’s happy just to be able to invest in the youth.

Just investing in the kids — that’s like to infinity… when you invest into the future, you can’t even imagine what the future would be like. Some of these kids we’re working with, I’m pretty sure they’ll be doctors, lawyers, football players, basketball players, etc… That’s my investment. The kids.

More About Flo Rida’s Charities And Work With The Youth

According to TMZ, Flo Rida’s Big Dreams For Kids charity “powers his own Florida Youth Football league.” The league is an organization that brings student-athletes across South Florida together, as they strive for greatness in football in cheer. The program harbors student-athletes between the ages of 5-14.

Flo Rida’s case Against Celsius And $82M Settlement

As The Shade Room previously reported, Flo Rida was awarded a total of $82,640,450 in damages from Celsius. After he alleged the company failed to pay him money from endorsement deals dating back to 2014.

The rapper explained that his promotion of Celsius products brought great success to the company, as cited in his legal team’s original complaint.

By way of background, Flo Rida maintained a successful endorsement partnership with Celsius which was highly effective in opening new doors for Celsius and its products.

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