FL Teens Threaten To Sue Over AP African American Studies Block

Florida Teens Threaten To Sue Gov. Ron DeSantis Over Rejection Of AP African American Studies Course

In protest of the Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) administration shooting down plans for an AP African American Studies course, three students—with the support of civil rights attorney Ben Crump—are threatening to sue.

The Teens Mean Business: ‘These Three Young People Will Be The Lead Plaintiffs’

News of the matter came about during a press conference on Wednesday, and it follows the College Board pledging to revise the course offering.

Essentially, the state of Florida blocked the course because it was “inexplicably contrary to Florida law.” It was also alleged that it “significantly lacks educational value,” but the College Board announced that it would revise the course in hopes that it would be deemed acceptable under the DeSantis “Stop W.O.K.E. Act,” NBC News reports.

Now, three students have announced that they intend to seek legal action if the state continues to shut down the AP African American Studies course.

According to ABC News, one of the students remarked, “I realized that I have not learned much about the history or culture of my people outside of my parents and close relatives.”

Another spoke on how the state was robbing students of invaluable educational experiences.

“There are many gaps in American history regarding the African American population. The implementation of an AP African American History class could fill in those gaps.”

Similarly, the third student proclaimed that DeSantis doesn’t have “the right to take this opportunity from thousands of students across the state.”

These young Floridians also have the support of Ben Crump, who remarked that they’ll be the “lead plaintiffs” if a case is ultimately filed.

“If he does not negotiate with the College Board to allow AP African American studies to be taught in classrooms across the state of Florida, that these three young people will be the lead plaintiffs.”

He added, “This is what it’s about—it’s about them, this is what the fight is for. Never, ever forget that.”

The Administration Says It Isn’t Fazed By The Threat

Despite this threat, Alex Lanfranconi—the communications director for the Florida Department of Education—says he isn’t worried. In fact, he called the threat “nothing more than a meritless publicity stunt.

Regarding the College Board’s decision to revise the course, Lanfranconi noted that the administration is “glad the College Board has recognized that the originally submitted course curriculum is problematic.”

What do you think about the overall situation?


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