Floyd Mayweather Says He Could Make Up To $100 Million For Logan Paul Fight--Has Reportedly Already made $30 Million

Floyd Mayweather Says He Could Make Up To $100 Million For Logan Paul Fight–Has Reportedly Already made $30 Million

When it comes to getting to the money, Floyd Mayweather does that pretty well, especially for this exhibition with Logan Paul.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Floyd Mayweather shared that he could make between $50 and $100 million from the Logan Paul fight.

He also shared that he has already bagged a few millis before the fight has even taken place. Mayweather stated he has made around $30 million and hasn’t stepped into the ring yet.

Floyd also discussed his strategy for the fight and talked about the win-win situation.

“To me, it’s a win-win but I’m in a no-win because if I knock him out fast in the 1st round, they’re gonna be like ‘Aw man this wasn’t worth it.’ If I let it go a few rounds and drag it out, they’re gonna be like ‘Aw man, he let a YouTuber hang in it for a few rounds’. But, it is what it is. We’re gonna have some fun Sunday.”

Floyd even mentioned the possibility of fighting Logan’s brother, Jake Paul, when speaking to TMZ.

“After Logan, probably Jake. We don’t know. We will see.”

As we previously reported, Jake Paul may have been banned from the Mayweather and Paul fight. Logan posted a video to his Instagram story where he said, “They’re not letting you into the fight. You’re literally banned from the Hard Rock Stadium on June 6th.”

He then flipped his camera to show his brother Jake, who said, “Swipe up I’ll buy the fight, I don’t care.”

As you may recall Jake and Floyd got into a tense exchange a few weeks ago. During the argument, Jake snatched Floyd’s hat and ran away. After the moment went viral, it was later learned that Jake pre-planned the whole hat snatching moment, and even continued to milk the situation as he tattooed the phrase “gotcha hat,” with a cap onto his leg.


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