Floyd Mayweather's Baby Mama Slaps Him With $20 Million Lawsuit Days After His Big Win!

Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Mama Slaps Him With $20 Million Lawsuit Days After His Big Win!

Looks like it’s true what they say , more money, more problems and you know Money May has a lot of it!

According to TMZ, Just days after winning against Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather’s baby mama, Josie Harris, has slapped him with a $20 million lawsuit! 

Harris claims that Mayweather’s lies has ruined her life. These claims come after his interview with Katie Couric where he claims that their 2010 fight was caused because Josie was in a “drug-fueled rage and he had to restrain her”.

Her side of the story is quite different as she states that she broke up with the boxer and he “flew into a jealous rage” and attacked her that night as she slept on the couch in her home. She also states that the three kids she shares with Floyd saw parts of the fight.

Harris’ lawyer, Dan Friedlander, states that Floyd’s lies “were knowingly fabricated in order to hype Mayweather’s upcoming fight with Pacquiao, to avoid bad press by deflecting responsibility for beating the mother of his children.”

She says people now call her a drug addict and feels that Floyd globally embarrassed her. He has since convicted of domestic violence and spent two months in jail when the initial incident occured.

First it’s Suge Knight and now she got her hand out! Floyd better hold tight to his purse because the leeches are out to suck him dry! Let’s chat below !


Sources Sited: TMZ 


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