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Follow Up Tea: The Alleged Cassie And Diddy Split Details Inside! 

So two days ago we reported on an unexpected #PostandDelete from Cassie, insinuating that her and long time boo of seven plus years, Diddy, were a wrap.

Well, after we posted the pic Cassie stopped by The Shade Room giving us all the confirmation we needed with a wink and a like! We can’t say that we were surprised by the split, but we did want to know the TEA!!

Turns out a source revealed to B. Scott what really went down between the two and of course there was another woman involved!

According to lovebscott, Cassie was the one to call off the relationship after his Revolt Music Conference in Miami. Why? Because he had another woman there with him! Oop!!

The TEA gets even better… Not only was she at his RMC, she also was there with him the weekend prior at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta!

So reportedly this “other woman’s” name is Gina Huynh and she’s been in the scene for a minute. She’s no stranger to high profile events and Diddy took her and her crew to the All-Star game last year.

See Gina below  
The word got back to Cassie, which caused a rift in the relationship, but they ended up moving past it.

So what was the final straw?! Well…Cassie found out the two rekindled their romance back in October and she ended things and went to film Honey 3 in South Africa.

According to the source, things got really REAL when she refused to take his calls and texts. And she also blocked her management so he couldn’t contact her on his behalf! Damn! Just earlier this week we reported on Diddy and the mother of his kids, Kim Porter, spotted leaving the adult store Hustler together….

We wish nothing but the best for Cassie!!!

#Roommates do you think they are DONE for real this time?!




As this tea party commences about recent breakup of Sean Diddy Combs and Cassie Ventura the drama has unfolded to include his VP Ericka Pittman.

While the Internet has hopped on this tea we at TSR know Ms. Ericka personally and know this rumor to be all shade no facts.

Certainly, charm, brains and beauty would lead one to think of her as a home base hit but uh… NO- the relationship between the two is strictly professional.

While we don’t know what truly caused this love contract annulment we can confirm Ericka Pittman is not a member of the triangle. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the story to see what develops either way!

Moral of the story; Sip Tea Wisely!




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